The Way of the Force

Hey There, my name is Mike Sweetman and I'm the author of

I'd love to say I grew up a massive fan of Star Wars, but the truth is I was a bigger Lord of the Rings fan.

But being a Lord of Rings fan was not my ultimate destiny, and two things happened that turned me into the enormous Star Wars fan I am today:

  1. I started playing the amazing Star Wars X-Wing Miniature Game
  2. I started watching the Clone Wars with my three daughters

Playing the X-Wing miniatures game drew me deeply into the Star Wars universe, and I promptly went back and started re-watching the movies. (Yes even the prequels.) It was about this time that I was introduced to the new cannon novels and comics as well. These of course grew my fandom to new heights!

Now I regularly enjoy listening to Star Wars podcasts like Jedi Council, and youtube channels like Urban Acolyte, and Star Wars Explained.

I'm a huge fan. (And I swear it didn't have anything to do with those horrible hobbit movies!)


Falling to the Darkside

Hands down my favorite part of the Star Wars lore is the Jedi.

Calm, confident, and focused the Jedi seem to have everything I didn't.

I often felt overwhelmed. Being a father, teacher, husband, home owner, and more had me feeling like I was pulled in far too many directions, with far too many commitments.

I was often frustrated and angry with those I loved most, and was filled with shame because it felt like I was failing to meet any of my commitments.

I was not that calm and confident Jedi.

I new I had to change.  And the catalyst was my daughters. I couldn't stand that I was consistently angry and frustrated with them.  I knew the example I was setting for them was a poor one, and that their self-esteem would suffer because of my actions.


The Force Awakens Within:force within tv

My life started to change when I enrolled in a Yoga Teacher Training program.  During this program I was introduced to much more than how to teach Yoga.

  • I learn to coach myself and others through difficult situations...
  • I was introduced to the benefits of meditation...
  • I learned how to change my negative thoughts...

Since completing the course I've continue to study yoga, meditation, and self-coaching techniques from best selling authors like Mark Divine, Brene Brown, Byron Katie and other thought leaders like Andy Puddicombe of the Head Space app, Kristan and Preetha Ji, of One World Academy, Brooke Castillo of the Life Coach School.

I may not be a  Jedi Master, but I have began to master the force within, I have achieved things I didn't think possible before because I have learned to overcome stress and embrace challenges.

I now feel calm, confident, and focused on a purpose. The force is with me.

I have improved my relationship with my wife and three daughters, and I'm determined to help others feel calm and confident like I do.


It is Your Destiny:

My purpose is to share my experience with others.

I have developed a course (I am a teacher after all!) And that course is easy to understand and completely practical. It only asks that you take fifteen minutes out of your day to complete.

Relieve stress and unlock motivation, better health, and happiness.

This is something everyone can do. But there is no try.  You and only you can make this work...


We're going to do this!

Sign-up below to start unlock the power of the force within. Reach your full potential by:

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2) Establish the habit of force within meditation.

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