How to Become a Jedi

Throughout the different channels of the Star Wars world, Jedi Knights come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with various backgrounds and origin stories. Despite the differences, one thing remains the same amongst Jedi Knights: they have learned to become one with the Force.

The Force is an energy source that fuels and connects all living things within the galaxy. Though it is unlikely that we’ll become proficient in telekinetic manipulation or mind probing, Jedi training and the concept of the Force are entirely applicable to real life.

When you remove the science fiction storyline and special effects, Jedi training consists of mastering oneself and becoming more confident, calm, and focused. Essentially, you are training yourself to progress from the confused, naïve Luke Skywalker in A New Hope to the confident and determined Skywalker ready to save the galaxy in Return of the Jedi.

But how can you transition from Padawan to Jedi Knight in real life?

Through training, dedication, practice, and applied skills.


Jedi Workouts

Throughout the Star Wars canon, we see a variety of different methodology for honing one’s connection with the Force, with the primary focus being mindful movements and self-reflection.

Exercises like yoga, meditation, tai chi, and mindful walking can help you become more self-aware and deal with negative thoughts in an appropriate and beneficial manner. Through mindful movement and thought management, you can shift your thoughts from a dark place (negativity) to a place of neutrality or light (positivity). In essence, you can fight the dark side of yourself.

One of the best aspects of these low-impact exercises is their versatility and ability to complement different training plans. Marathon runners, CrossFit enthusiasts, and Brazilian Ju-Jitsu fighters can all incorporate these practices without compromising their training programs. In fact, they might find that incorporating more mindful movement into their training regimen may boost their performance in high-impact sports.

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How to think like a Jedi

There’s more to being a Jedi than lightsaber skills, though what a cardio program that would be. Jedi have the innate ability to clear their mind, control their emotions, and focus on the task at hand.

In conjunction with the calming, restorative exercises like meditation, thought management practices—such as journaling—can help train the mind to process negative thoughts efficiently. Honing these skills will help prevent the occurrence of negative thought loops, in which you become stuck in a cycle of unproductive fixation and negative self-talk.

For example, you miss your child’s hockey game due to a business meeting. Rather than fixating on the idea that you’ve failed as a parent, thought management can help you reframe this experience. Instead of focusing on failure, you can shift your perspective to pride for working hard to provide for your child so that he or she may pursue their passion.

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Meditation is also a key to training like a Jedi in the fiction. A calm mind allows them to connect to the force, and use force powers. You can harness meditation to allow you to improve your patience and develop more empathy to others.

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Force Within Training

A balanced approach to physical and mental health is vital for overall wellness. As the World Health Organization once said following a comprehensive study of the relationship between physical and mental wellness, “without mental health, there can be no true physical health.” Alternative studies by the American Psychology Association show positive mood enhancement effects as early as five minutes into physical exercise. With this data, we can surmise what the Jedi already know to be true: that there is a powerful connection between the body and the mind.

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With time and dedication, you can become one with the Force and master your destiny. Only you can determine your reality.

May the Force be with you.