Jedi Workout Routine for Focus

The Star Wars movies, television shows, and literature promote a lot of physical activity. That being said, many of the Jedi training practices are left open to interpretation. Due to their dependence on mental strength and control, one can reasonably assume that Jedi training practices closely relate to real-life mindful exercises like yoga, Tai Chi, and mindful walking.


Yoga is believed to have started in ancient India, before the invention of organized religion. Discoveries of ancient fossils and glyphs in the Indus-Saraswati valley depict Gods in yoga-like meditative poses. As with many ancient traditions and infrastructure, evidence of similar ancient practices have been discovered globally.

In our modern civilization, Yoga has become a popular form of exercise that promotes relaxation and mobility. In medical practices, studies have shown that yoga can have a therapeutic effect on patients with depression and anxiety.

Yoga is a versatile exercise that can be done in studios, at home, or outside surrounded by nature. Yoga poses range from advanced—like the mayurasana or peacock pose— to all-inclusive fan favourites like the savasana or corpse pose.Jedi Workout

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is believed to have started in China in the late 1600s to early 1700s and consists of an interwoven focus on martial arts, healing arts, and philosophy. A meta-analysis of studies relating to the health effects of Tai Chi has shown a significant amount of positive health benefits. One such study assessed the mental health of college students before and after partaking in 12 weeks of regular Tai Chi practice. As expected, the results showed a favorable effect on the participants’ mental health.

In practice, Tai Chi consists of a blend of controlled movements and breathing patterns that promote balance and relaxation. With poetic names like “needle at the bottom of the sea” and “white crane spreads its wings” the Tai Chi postures are graceful, serene, and more challenging than they appear.

Mindful Walking

Walking in itself can be a form of meditation. In addition to being a low-impact form of physical exercise, walking has a proven effect on mental health. Mindful walking consists of focusing on that meditative state through:

    • Focused breathing – As with meditation, focusing on your breath while walking can help clear the mind and prevent negative thoughts.
    • Focus on nature – There’s a theory called the Biophilia Hypothesis which proposes that humans have a primal inclination to seek a connection with nature and other forms of life. Like Jedis connect to the Force, you can connect to the life force around you and find calm within yourself.
    • Matching breaths to steps- Inhale and take a step. Exhale and take a step. Repeat. Focus on coordination and relaxation, barring all other thoughts.

Your Jedi Training Journey

The greatest benefit of these three Jedi workouts is their ability to complement your current training methods of choice. Whether you’re a weightlifter, a runner, a cyclist, or someone who is just starting a fitness routine, mindful exercises can assist with balance, mobility and mental clarity without diminishing your other training efforts.

Throughout Star Wars—particularly during The Clone Wars series—we see a diverse group of Jedis with different backgrounds. The same applies to us: we come from different backgrounds and have different training preferences based on our conditioning and physiology. What remains consistent among the Jedi Knights and us is the need for

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Remember, you determine your reality.

May the Force be with you.