Don't Fall to The Dark side

My new favorite Star Wars Character is Chirrut Imwe from Rogue One.

Calm, confident, and focused Chirrut is blind, but sees more than most.

So many of us could learn a great deal from a Guardian of the Whills like him.

All to often we are overwhelmed with all our responsibilities. Stress from work is carried home, and often hurts the relationships that we value most.

We distract ourselves from this overwhelm with overeating, technology, information and much more.

Overeating or staying up late using technology can lead to a cycle of poor sleep, which leads to more poor eating, and even more distractions because we are exhausted.

This is truly the Dark side.

I've been there. And maybe you're stuck in that cycle right now?


My ally is the Force Within

Don't underestimate the power of the force within you!

I'm not a Guardian of the Whills yet, but I have began to use the force within me. I am leaving the stress behind, and my motivation and health are consistently improving.

Most importantly my relationship with my wife and three daughters has never been better.

I now feel calm, confident, and focused on a purpose.

The force is truly with me, always.


Your Focus Determines your Reality:

I want to help you find the force within! And I can do that with a course I have developed.force within coaching

It is easy to understand, and only asks that you take fifteen minutes out of your day to complete.

This is something everyone can accomplish. But there is no trying.  Do or do not.

The core Force Within Course includes:

  1. Learn how to manage your negative thoughts and self-talk.
  2. Establish the habit of force within meditation.
  3. Develop your personal Jedi code.
  4. Unlock the determination to defeat your Dark side once and for all.

Determine your reality, get started today by clicking below:


Don't doubt yourself. Don't fall to the Dark side. You need to believe that you can unleash the force within, and become a happier, healthier, and more productive person by mastering stress.

  • Think of all that you could accomplish if you weren't overwhelmed and stressed all the time?
  • Imagine what you could accomplish if you believed in yourself?
  • Most importantly conceive how much happier you will be when you improve your relationships with family and friends?

You are worth the investment of time and energy. Be the hero of your own story and use the force within.